Customer Service

Our service technicians ensure the qualified commissioning and maintenance of your SMB strapping machines and systems.

In order to enable you to achieve consistently high productivity, we would be pleased to carry out the required preventative maintenance work per service interval on your SMB systems. From individual commissioning to the planned service contract, we offer you the solution that best suits your needs. Internationally, SMB has a dense service network, which is provided together with competent partner companies. Please contact us, we will call you the company responsible in your country.

Customer Service

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Smooth installation and commissioning, training of operators and service technicians, qualified customer service and a long-term reliable spare parts supply are the reqzirements for the long-term cost-effectiveness of your investment. With our service centers we cover a large part of Germany in terms of area and thus ensure a short service life and economic access routes.

Installation / Commissioning

We support you in bringing the machines into your production lines. The machine parameters are adjusted to the existing requirements and optimized to ensure a smooth start. The professional instruction of the operating staff enables you to react to changes in the short term.


Technicians are available throughout Germany to help you as quickly as possible with short and economical travel routes. Through close cooperation with our customers, you have the opportunity to carry out upcoming services yourself. For this we offer machine-specific training content, which we tailor to your requirements. Thus, we can also give you fast and targeted assistance by telephone.

Worldwide service through partners.

Maintenance contracts

Proper and regular maintenance of your SMB strapping machines minimizes unscheduled and costly downtimes and ensures your production capability and readiness to deliver. We offer you individual maintenance concepts tailored to your needs.

Key Points here are:

  • Failure-related maintenance
    We support you in the event of unexpected machine failure with short-term available service technicians and a comprehensive spare parts warehouse
  • State-oriented maintenance
    Hereby, your machines are inspected and maintained with regard to wear. As a result, you use the components to a maximum and have very low consumable costs, but unplanned stoppages can occur.
  • Preventive maintenance
    The available wearing parts packages, which are differentiated according to strapping intervals, offer you maximum production reliability with calculable costs.