Since 1987 SMB Schwede Maschinenbau GmbH deals exclusively with strapping technology in the field of narrow band strapping for the processing of plastic strapping of PP and PET materials with widths of 5 to 15 mm.

We started in the graphics industry, especially in the extremely demanding newspaper production. Highest availability and reliability, longevity and economic efficiency have established the good reputation of our products and our market position as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance strapping machines.

Over the years, we have continuously expanded our product portfolio. Therefore, we can offer the right solution today with our modular product range for the strapping of a wide range of products in a wide variety of industries.

However, high-quality machines are only one part of our comprehensive service catalog:

  • careful analysis of the task
  • customer-specific configuration
  • timely delivery
  • installation and commissioning
  • efficient training of operators and service technicians
  • qualified customer service
  • permanently reliable supply of spare parts

It is the combination of these factors that ensures the long-term profitability of your investment, which is at the center of all our activities. That’s why we work hard and place high demands on ourselves and our employees, but also on our suppliers and distribution partners.

Our products are developed and produced at the location in Goldkronach. We fully rely on the many years of extensive expertise of our employees. Our commitment to our region of Upper Franconia as a local employer is very important to us.

We sell our products worldwide – together with our partner companies. You are very likely to find an SMB machine in every country in the world. We are currently active in sales in the green marked markets.