SMB strapping directly from our house!

Longevity and high availability are a particular feature of SMB strapping machines, obtained by using the appropriate strap.

Quality fluctuations in the strap are the most frequent impairment of the availability of strapping machines!

SMB Schwede Maschinenbau GmbH now offers its own SMB strapping band for SMB strapping machines. A quality that is unparalleled.

Every single production batch is tested and approved in-house on brand new SMB machines. Thus, we ensure a band quality for you, like no other provider.

Due to our high readiness to deliver, the orders received in the morning will be shipped the same afternoon.

Each machine is tested and approved in a circuit with one of our standard 5040, 5047, 9055 or 12055 strapping bands before delivery.


This allows us to assume optimum running characteristics for our strapping technology.

In addition to our standard PP strapping, we also offer a wide variety of PP and PET strapping types.

Further information and prices are available on request.