Branch solutions

Graphic industry

The graphic arts industry is our core industry, where we have the longest experience. Thus, the latest SMB products incorporate know-how from over 45 years of successful projects - worldwide. Newspapers, magazines and magazines are strapped as piles. In order to be able to pack these printed products at the right time, we pay particular attention to speed, high availability and longevity. However, the integration into superior systems of OEMs is also becoming increasingly important in order to jointly exploit the next process advantages. Despite all the Upper Franconian modesty, we can justifiably claim to be the world market leader for this industry. The likelihood that your daily paper was strapped by an SMB machine is very high!

Corrugated cardboard, cardboard and paper

In the production of corrugated board, cardboard and paper the Paketumreifung is used to produce before stacking individual stacks. These are manufactured very quickly and highly available in our specially developed industry solutions. Particularly important to us is the very careful processing of the product by means of ideally coordinated option assemblies and the right strapping band. ZERO DEFECT - we understood.

Mail order and logistics

Many years of experience in the graphics industry, where scheduling and availability are essential requirements, form the basis of our logistics solutions. In addition, we are one of the few manufacturers in the world to be able to offer real solutions - and not just standard products. Thanks to our comprehensive modular system, we can quickly and economically configure many systems. If this is not enough, our modern internal processes enable us to also offer special solutions in quantity 1 - with the same quality level and similar delivery times. You will not get that anywhere else.

building materials

In the building materials industry, our products are used in the packaging of various products. These can be, for example, steel and plastic articles, but also goods made of wood or ceramics. Hoses or cables can also be strapped in the ring to produce an ideal bond. Especially under harsher environmental conditions, SMB products successfully prevail over market companions - supported by the unique SMB technologies.


In this industry, for example, we offer outstanding solutions in the packaging of highly compressed hay bales through strapping. In the two main producer markets USA and Australia, we offer our customers a high benefit through significantly longer maintenance intervals and at the same time outstanding speed. Here, too, we are now the world leader in installed units. Our solutions are suitable for PP and PET strapping.


For the food industry, we offer solutions that have a stable function under the local conditions of use. Here, too, the respective industry solutions benefit from the outstanding SMB technologies and - if necessary - are also available in stainless steel versions. In addition to the independent packaging machines, we also offer suitable and proven module assemblies for higher-level systems in order to jointly implement an integration in consultation with the OEM.