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…fulfilling tasks, fair compensation, individual additional benefits, flexible working hours,
health services, targeted personnel development and support outside the company.

Become part of our family, we enable you to bring in knowledge and skills and to be successful together with us.



Responsible projects
Good takeover and career opportunities
Joint leisure activities



Student Internships
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No shift work
Good working environment

  • Fabian Schlöger
    Team Manager Procurement

    Not even 7 years after Mr. Schlöger completes his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and continues to qualify as an industrial specialist, he now works as a team manager for our procurement.

  • Andreas Busch
    Specialist Assembling

    Not even 7 years ago, Mr. Busch completed his apprenticeship as a mechatronic engineer, continued to qualify as a technical specialist with apprenticeship certificate and is now responsible for our apprentices in our assembly department.

  • Melanie Dihler
    Assistant Financial Accounting

    Mrs. Dihler has been with us for more than 25 years. She has proven to be extremely flexible and has been involved in various areas such as general administration, human resources and accounting.

  • Christine SchenkerTeam Manager Controlling

    Mrs. Schenker joined our company in the spring of 2010 as an assistant in controlling. Already 2 years later she was controller. Since the summer of 2017 she has been the team spokeswoman for the Controlling and Business Administration department.

  • Salvatore NisioControlling

    Mr. Nisio completed his training as an industrial clerk in summer 2017. We then handed him a challenging position in team controlling.

  • Christopher SchneiderService technician

    After successfully completing training as a mechanical engineer, we took over Mr. Schneider in February 2004 for the assembly department. Since February 2009, Mr. Schneider has taken over the position of a service technician. Since standstill is always a step backwards, he now qualifies since the fall of 2018 on to the industrial master metal.

  • Mr. Reichenberger joined us in March 2014 as a service technician. In the summer of 2017 he completed a further qualification as industrial master metal. Due to his great commitment he is now since the summer of 2018 Junior Sales Manager.


Responsible Projects · Good Takeover and Career Opportunities · Joint Leisure Activities


Student Internships · Student Internships Retrainees · Bachelor and Master Theses


Student Internships · Student Internships Retrainees · Bachelor and Master Theses