Founding of the predecessor company of today's SMB Schwede Maschinenbau GmbH by Horst Schwede
Garage as workshop, production of steel parts


Delivery of the first self-developed strapping machine: a fully automatic machine for the newspaper industry!


Foundation of SMB Schwede Maschinenbau GmbH

Specializing in strapping technology, Roland Schwede becomes shareholder and managing director


Relocation of the new headquarters in Goldkronach


So far 2000 strapping machines delivered


Awarded the Innovation Prize of the Ostbayerische Technologie-Transfer-Institut e. V.


Presentation of the SMB NP3 family, a new generation of fully automated high performance strapping machines


Market launch of the automatic strapping machine SMB SM1
Presentation of the plusAir technology, with which a strapping band without a frame is guided freely through the air!


Presentation of the frameless inline strapping machine SMB Ai1 with plusAir technology

Start of the program "FFF - Fit For Future"

- Process-oriented company organization: The customer and his task are the focus of all activities
- Employees are the most important business potential
- Continuous improvement process: Who stops getting better, stops being good.


Presentation of the fully automatic strapping machine SMB ST1


Introduction of the SMB ST1 in the logistics market


Modular expansion of the SMB ST1 for applications in the wood and ceramics industry


Introducing the SMB N5 family, the latest generation of fully automated high performance strapping machines


Presentation of the SMB SP1, the new compact standard strapping machine with ultra-light operation and internal coil


Introducing the SMB CP family, the new benchmark for US commercial printing with 60 packets per minute


The 2nd generation of the modular modular system will be presented on the market for the first time with the SMB NEO. The new belt drive has the patented DAT function, with a uniquely easy access to the strap in the belt drive. This makes troubleshooting child's play.

Entry into the US hay bale market, the largest in the world,
with the SMB MAX


EvoLite, the world's first serial ready strapping of bottles, is presented at the stand of Krones "THE 30-year packaging innovation" in the beverage industry. At EvoLite, this scrub film is replaced by strap. So up to 75% of plastic waste can be reduced at each SixPack.


Presentation of the world's first intrinsically safe cross strapping machine SMB INLINE, for the graphic arts industry at the leading trade fair IFRA Expo in Vienna. Safe And Open (SAO) without additional protective covers, CE compliant and GS tested.
The Lifecycle Portal mySMB is presented - access to the complete documentation and an ordering system for spare and wearing parts.


This is the first machine in the industry to cover the folding carton industry's range of tasks for 3 and 4 point boxes in ONE machine.
Other machine options have already been developed for this industry, additional equipment for high press forces.


Market launch of the SMB CUBE-S, the robust machine in stainless steel for the food industry. The SMB Multi was successfully placed as a problem solver for towels in laundries of the textile industry.
The first SMB machine in the field reaches 100 million strapping cycles - and is still in daily use.


Presentation of the SMB NEO with SAN technology for processing especially small and narrow products.


Presentation of the SMB ENA with swiveling strap frame for long bundles, strapped in conveying direction.
Membership VDW - Association of Corrugated Board Industry e. V.


Presentation of the SMB ONO for strapping through ring-shaped products.


SMB Schwede Maschinenbau GmbH becomes part of the SIG group of companies.

Presentation of the SMB VERO-C, the modularly configurable machine for the processing of corrugated cardboard boxes.
Membership FEFCO - The European Federation of
Corrugated Board Manufacturers